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A-Premium Dark Balsamic

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The grape mist for our A-Premium Dark Balsamic ones from Modena, Italy. It is cooked and caramelized in copper kettles over an open wood fire, then aged in barrels using the Solera method. 

To give this Dark Balsamic its full-bodied taste, various wood barrels are charred on the inside. The charring adds character and complexity to the balsamic while giving it its dark color. After being aged for a minimum of 12 years, our Italian balsamic vinegar will finally be ready to be used. What you get is a slightly sweet yet tart vinegar with traces of fruity characteristics.

With a 6% acidity, our balsamic vinegar has just the right amount of acidity to pair with some of our sweeter olive oils or be used with sweet foods.

Drizzle over sweet foods to balance out their sweet taste with the earthy, woody, full-bodied taste. You could also use this for glazes, marinades, desserts, or dips.


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