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Almond Rocker Rooibos

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CUP CHARACTERISTICS:  A nutty blend of almond pieces that taste like delicious cherries complete with flakes of mallow flowers.
INGREDIENTS: Rooibos, Almond pieces, Mallow petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).
Almonds mean different things to different people. To the ancient Hebrews, it was a sign of hope and expected promises. In some ancient parts of China, it represented sadness and intense mourning, while in that same country, it was a symbol of female beauty. 

In India, it meant a wealth of wisdom so deep; but to the Romans, it was fertility and being blessed with many children. Even in Europe today, almonds are a good luck charm, and they make great gifts.

To us, almonds mean a refreshing cup of tea (or two.) Almond Rocker Rooibos Herbal tea means a satisfying feeling with a mellow yet subtle nutty flavor. It balances out the nutty almond notes with slightly bitter tinges of herbs. Safe for the earth; organic, yet delicious. 

This tea fills you with warmth on a cold, cold morning and cools you off on a warm sunny day. Hot or iced, enjoy your tea!

SHIPPING PORT(S):  Cape Town / Quebec City / Durres
GROWING ALTITUDES:  1500 - 2500 feet above sea level
GRADE(S):  Choice Grade #1
MANUFACTURE TYPE(S):  Traditional process, Rolled and fermented.
CAFFEINE LEVEL:  None - Caffeine Free Herb
INFUSION:  Reddish orange to full color
Rooibos, Almond pieces, Mallow petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).

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