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Blood Orange Olive Oil

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The name 'blood orange' is quite dreadful for a fruit that's so sweet. This is one of those times you are grateful that a food item does not taste like what it's named after. 

Blood oranges get their names from the reddish, deep pink hue of their flesh. You can rest assured that this blood orange olive oil does not taste anything like blood. 

Instead, its juice has a deliciously sweet taste, sweeter than the classic orange juice. It also has a floral taste with tart undertones

We press ripe blood oranges and Tunisian olives together to form our Blood Orange Olive oil, and we form what could be called the nectar of the gods. This gives the olive oil a delicately sweet, citrusy flavor along with an aroma that's nothing short of heavenly. 

Add a bottle or two to your cart because you will find that this olive oil complements almost anything you can think of. It's excellent with baked goods, especially ones with chocolate. It's totally mouth-watering with veggies and fruit salads. And it's utterly delectable when paired with fish, poultry, or beef!


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