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One of our partner producers, Alonso Estates has just won this very important award that speaks to the healthful properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Most specifically, high phenols and oleocanthal. Our Coratina won first place - GOLD! 
#1 in Fatty Acid composition (low saturated fat)
#3 In Biophenols (644.8)
#6 In Oleocanthal

Gold Medal Winner!!  2019 Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition

Our Chilean Coratina is remarkably high in polyphenols as evidenced by the desirable chili pepper sensations on the palate, making it a very healthy choice. Also scores very high in oleic acid! It displays prominent tasting notes of cinnamon and wild grass, is loaded with pepper notes, and is wonderfully bitter, pungent and well balanced.

*Biophenols: 644 ppm

FFA:  0.19

Oleic Acid: 79.5

Peroxide: 6.3

DAGs: 95.7                              

*PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:




Crush Date: May 2018

Country of Origin: Chile  

*As measured at the time of crush

The Alonso family has won a multitude of awards in international olive oil competitions around the world. The Alonso family’s work centers around multiple olive cultivars—each of which has its own ideal climate and soil type. Known worldwide for their delicate and herbaceous oils, the Alonso family is firmly committed to promptly pressing olives for maximum quality and freshness. Each oil begins with the harvest of tree-ripened olives. Within 90 minutes of picking, the olives are transported to the mill and crushed.


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