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Greek Kalamata (Robust High Polyphenol)

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Among our Highest Polyphenol Olive Oil This Year!! 1260ppm!  Loaded with OleuropeinHydroxytyrosol, and Oleocanthal

Crush Date: Nov 2020

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

                     FRUITINESS    5.5 

                     BITTERNESS   3.5

                      PUNGENCY      4.2


This early harvest Kalamata olive oil has notes of green almond and unripe avocado with a lingering Szechuan peppercorn finish. Low bitterness and noticeable astringency.  The combination of picking the fruit at an extremely low green maturity index and minimal processing resulted in the high phenol content and more significant extraordinarily high and healthful Oleocanthal levels (381ppm). This example contains over twice as much of this healthful compound than any oil we have measured before.


    *Polyphenols: 1260 ppm          Squalene: 4,517.37 ppm           A-Tocopherols: Coming Soon    

       FFA:  0.31              Oleic Acid: 74.6

       Peroxide: 7.3         DAGs: 92.7      *PPP: <1.0

            *As measured at the time of crush

Crushed Nov 2020       Country of Origin: Greece


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