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Olive Oil 101 Class

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Fruity, Green Tea, Pear, Apple, Banana, Herbaceous, Peppery, Fresh, Floral, Melon, Grass, Tomato, Sweet, Woody...

These are just some of the terms used to describe the amazing taste complexities found in real Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Unfortunately most people have not had a chance to taste and appreciate the fresh and complex flavors of real EVOO. Just like wine, we will be sampling several varieties of olive oils made from Coratina, Picual, Chiquitita, and Biancolilla olives while talking about the flavor profiles. We will taste them straight and/or on foods.

A premium extra virgin olive oil ranges from mild to robust, with some of the very robust olive oil varieties providing the high concentrations of polyphenols. We will also learn what chemistry scores to look for when concerned with blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heat/smoke point, inflammation, and cancer. Yes, an exclusive polyphenol in olive oil has the same anti inflammatory action as N.S.A.I.D.s!

But most of all lets have fun!

Wine and Food Complimentary.




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