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We personally love this white matcha! It's full of antioxidants, but not as "green" tasting as traditional green matcha.
Exquisite flavory tea notes that are classic to luxury White Kenya Tea. Crisp yet smooth.
Manufactured from exceptionally antioxidant-rich tea grown up above the "pest-line", where pesticides aren't required, this Matcha offers a boost of flavor and health that's practically as rare as real tusk ivory itself. To make the tea, the youngest leaves on the bush are plucked and processed, then ground in a traditional Japanese-style matcha mill until it has reached the perfect, densely powdered consistency connoisseurs the world over prize. Like the majestic African elephant it is named for, the cup produced through the process is a truly magnificent site to behold - thick and frothy with deep round grassy notes, Elephant Ivory is destined to go down in history as one of the world's greatest matcha teas.
Luxury Ingredients: White + Green tea 
Tea(s) From: Kenya 
Region(s): Kericho + Nandi Highlands 
Antioxidant Level: Super High 
Caffeine Content: Low 
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Kagoshima Prefecture, Nandi Highlands, Washington State
Green tea, Peppermint leaves.

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