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Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic

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Gravenstein Apples are one of the rarest varieties to find, and this is one of the things that makes this balsamic vinegar so unique. It's one of the most difficult types to cultivate, and this rarity makes it a special, highly-sought-after variety.

To be able to produce this deliciously unique vinegar was almost like crossing 7 seas and 7 mountains. We aged this liquid gracefully in wooden barrels for almost two decades to produce a taste so irresistible. In terms of flavor, just like the Gravenstein Apple, it's crisp and tart with just a hint of an acidic tang. 

Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic reminds us of Californian summers, where the apple grows after much prodding. It makes an excellent teaser in summertime drinks and cocktails and steals the show when you use it as a salad dressing. 

The uniqueness of this balsamic vinegar is surely worth celebrating; no wonder it gets its own festival every year in  Sonoma County, CA.


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