Heart Shaped Cups 6 oz and 8 oz

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Description: Heart-shaped, glass cups, hand-blown from borosilicate glass. 

Sizes: 6 Oz and 8Oz

Information: You don’t need to wait for a special day to get these heart-shaped cups. You can buy one just because! Buy it for yourself or for your partner. Gift it to your parents. Spread the joy of drinking a beverage by gifting these cups to someone.

Our heart-shaped glasses are definitely going to make sipping whatever drink of your choice a more enjoyable and wholesome experience. 

They come in two sizes: 6oz and 8oz. Although they are light, they are not very fragile. They are hand-blown from borosilicate glass, making them resistant to some levels of thermal shock, scratch, and breakage. 

The glasses are also dishwasher safe. However, you should separate the cup from other dishes to avoid any dangerous impact. Do not heat beverages in the cup.

You can use the cup for hot and cold beverages: hot tea, iced tea, hot coffee, cold coffee, or juice. Whatever you choose, these beautiful heart-shaped cups can maintain the temperature of your beverage.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Do NOT use in microwave or oven. Heat beverages separately, then transfer to double walled cup. Handle with care, similar to how you would handle wine glasses.


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