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CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Pale green liquor with a smooth but delicate Jasmine flavor. Watch as the hand tied tea ball transforms into a flower-like blossom.
INGREDIENTS: Green tea, Natural flavors.
The legend behind the creation of Jasmine Silver Balls is one of China's most romantic tales. One night, as we sipped our tea in the open air and gazed up at the stars, the wife of a tea grower told us the old story. It was early spring so the night sky was incredibly clear. She pointed toward two stars in particular and began.

The first she pointed to was the brightest star in what Westerners call the Aquila constellation, known in China as the Cowherd. Next, we followed her finger across the Milky Way, in China the Silver River, until our eyes rested on a star known as the Weaving Maid. Before recorded time, the Weaving Maid was the seventh daughter of the mythical Jade Emperor. One day, the maid caught the eye of a passing cowherd and fell in love. The cowherd began visiting the maid as often as his duties permitted him and when he did the maid would put down her weaving and devote herself to his love. Over time, the love between the two saw them forsake their work all together. The Jade Emperor became angry that they should shirk their duties and decided to punish them in the form of banishment to opposite sides of the Silver River. The cowherd and the maid were devastated. In order to soften the blow the Emperor made one allowance. Every year on the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, (Aug. 2) he would permit them to meet on a bridge over the River to hold each other for just one night.

The wife of the tea grower explained that the legend came from the fact that on that night, these two stars do in fact come together high up in the heavens. She further explained that in homage to the two, Jasmine Silver Balls were created to represent the flowing stars of the Silver River that separated them, the Milky Way.

It was quite a story. But then again, this is quite a tea. Each ball is made with spring production green leaf, only available for a few weeks per year, scented with fresh Jasmine. The long silvery leaves are carefully hand-tied in an intricate pattern that unfurls into a chrysanthemum like shape when infused. The resulting cup is at once light and profound with sweet notes of jasmine and wisps of fresh honey. Without question a tea your customers will fall in love with.

GROWING ALTITUDES: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level
GRADE(S): Artisan Handcrafted
MANUFACTURE TYPE(S): Non fermented, Traditional hand tied, Small batch crafted
INFUSION: Deep olive hues
China, Fujian Province
Green tea

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