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CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Slightly dry character with light floral notes. Hints of sweet caramel sugar are sprinkled on the finish.
INGREDIENTS: Green tea, Amaranth flower.
While a monkey may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name 1000 day flower, it was a monkey that inspired the creation of this tea. It all starts with the shape. If you hold one of the exquisite hand tied pods in your hand it has the appearance of a peach, or at least it does if you use a little imagination! So why would someone create a tea in the shape of a peach? As we said, it has to do with a monkey. An ancient Chinese fairytale tells the story of how Wangmu, the Empress of Heaven ordered the King of the Monkeys to guard her precious peach orchard. Busy organizing her 60th birthday party, Wangmu wanted to ensure that she would have enough fruit to feed her guests. (It should be noted that in ancient China, peaches were considered to be a symbol of long life and were commonly given away at birthdays.) The Monkey King however, being a monkey, plucked all the ripest peaches in the orchard for himself and ate the entire lot leaving only the small, unripened fruit for the party.

The big day arrived and Empress Wangmu was furious. To punish the Monkey King she used her magic to strip him of his royal title and locked him up in a cave. Luckily, a Monk named Tangshen came by and saved him. After discussing his predicament with the Monk, the Monk agreed to help him. Tangshen showed him a technique for tying fresh green tea leaves with an Amaranth blossom (known colloquially as the 1000 day flower) into the shape of a peach. The Monkey did as he was told, tied 1000 of the tea balls and presented them to Empress Wangmu. So impressed was the Empress with the delicious tea, that she reinstated him as King and from that year forward served the tea at her birthday instead of peaches, as a new symbol of longevity.

In parts of modern China 1000 Day Flower tea is still served at birthdays and anniversaries, especially those of community elders. Besides its symbolic importance, the tea is delicious. It is produced using the tender spring buds of plantations situated between 500 to 800 meters above sea level in Northeast Fujian. Teas from these gardens are noted for their incredible freshness and purity due to the crisp clear quality of the air at such high altitudes. The Amaranth flowers tied in with the tea also come from Fujian but from a little farther to the South. Traditional Chinese medicine maintains that the flower is beneficial for the liver, is effective for reducing body heat and can brighten the eyes. So not only does this tea taste fabulous, when you combine those qualities with the overall healthy benefits of green tea with its antioxidants, vitamin C and flavonoids, it's also good for you! The tea is best brewed in a glass pot so you can watch the tight ball of tea unfurl, revealing full leaves and the beautiful flower. The cup, with its subtle floral character, lightly toasty green grassiness and hint of caramel, evokes fresh notes of spring. The 1000 Day Flower, like all of our artisan teas, is truly special. Enjoy and raise a cup to a long life!

GROWING ALTITUDES: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level
GRADE(S): Artisan Handcrafted
MANUFACTURE TYPE(S): Non fermented, Traditional hand tied, Small batch crafted
INFUSION: Light green with hints of sunset yellow
China, Fujian Province
Green tea, Amaranth flower

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