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Basil Olive Oil

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Dried ground basil is great as a spice for your meals.  And when it's summer, and you have fresh basil in our kitchen,  it's absolutely heavenly! 

But our Basil Olive Oil takes it up a notch. It leaves the doors wide open and lets basil come out to play anytime, in more meals, and in more ways than ever. 

We infuse basil with premium quality, extra virgin olive oil to produce oil with a refreshing herbal and vegetal taste.

Basil and olive oil are staples of Mediterranean cooking. It's no wonder that our Basil Olive Oil has such a wonderful taste. 

Drizzle this oil over a fruit salad or sauteed vegetables. Or use it as a base for a sorbet. Whatever you decide to do with it, make sure you kick back, relax and enjoy this simply delicious treat.

Pairing Recommendations: Pairs excellently with our Estero Bay Pomegranate Balsamic vinegar.


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