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Japan Hojicha

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CUP CHARACTERISTICS: Roasted green tea with full-bodied character and cinnamon-like toast notes.
Like many of the world's great teas, Hojicha was discovered through a process of curiosity and innovation. During the 1920s, a tea master living in Kyoto Japan discovered the method for producing the tea using common materials he found around the house. Rather than steam a batch of freshly plucked leaf - the traditional method of Japanese style green tea production - the master decided he would roast it in a porcelain pot over burning charcoal. The result, as history would attest, was delicious. 

A little more about how Hojicha is produced:
Hojicha is produced using a 3rd flush Bancha style leaf known in the tea business as Sanbancha. The plucked leaves are steamed and dried in a style similar to that of Sencha. Next the dried leaf is roasted over a low heat - the low roasting temperature imparts a sweet taste and nice fresh aroma. (Hojicha that has been roasted at too high of a temperature will lose much of its sweetness.) This roasting process results in a tea with a reddish color and light cup with a very unique flavor. Try pairing our Hojicha with Asian themed meals and notice how well it cleanses the palate - a refreshing tea that is as good hot as it is poured over ice. What's more, the roasting process removes much of the tea's caffeine, making it a great tea to serve to children. Enjoy!

GROWING ALTITUDES: 200 - 1000 feet above sea level
MANUFACTURE TYPE(S): Non fermented, Traditional process, Small batch crafted
INFUSION: Pale green yellow
Kagoshima Prefecture
Green tea

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