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CUP CHARACTERISTICS: An exquisite white tea character with delicate rose hints. The finish is reminiscent of plum blossoms.
INGREDIENTS: Green tea, Rose blossom.
Weeping Rose is a fabulous example of the unique teas produced in the Chinese province of Yunnan. Generally regarded by many as the birthplace of tea, tea has been grown tea in Yunnan for almost 2 millennia. It stands to reason that a growing region with over 2000 years of history would produce many interesting variations. This tea, with its silver white tips hand sewn around delicate rosebuds is perhaps one of the most unique of these. Only the finest silver tips plucked from tea bushes grown at 1800 meters above sea level are used in its production. It is not known exactly when this tea was first produced but records in Yunnan indicate that it was being made at least as long as 250 years ago. What is known however is how this tea got its interesting name.

Yunnan lore has it that up until World War II, Weeping Rose was originally known simply as Rose Chrysanthemum tea. During the war, as battle raged with Japan, the allied forces built the famous Burma Road to move troops and supplies through China. Starting in India, the road ended in Yunnan province. As the story goes, a local widow named Huan Yue, who worked in a Yunnan tea factory hand stitching the Rose Chrysanthemum tea fell in love with a dashing young British pilot stationed in Yunnan near the end of the war. As their love grew, the woman's heart, which was still saddened by the loss of her first husband, grew stronger and the two decided that once the war ended they would marry. Tragically, this was not to be. One day, the young pilot was called upon by his superiors to fly a secret reconnaissance mission over the Gulf of Japan. He promised to be home that evening for dinner, said goodbye to his lover, and flew off as day broke over the horizon. As the day wore on, Huan Yue began to sense that something was wrong. Night fell with no word from her beloved pilot. Grief stricken, Huan Yue curled up in front of her cooking fire and went to sleep. That night her pilot came to her in a dream and told her that he had been shot down over the Gulf. The next morning, Huan Yue went back to the factory. As she began to sew the delicate rosebuds into the tealeaves, she began to weep uncontrollably, her tears falling into the tea. From that day on, the tea was called Weeping Rose in honor of her lost love.

We all have our stories - hopefully yours is not as tragic as that of Huan Yue. Thankfully, this tea has the ability to mend anyone's heart. Brew a pot today and savor the wonderfully light character of the silver tip tea with its lush hints of rose - truly a wonderful and exotic tea.

GROWING ALTITUDES: 1500 - 4900 feet above sea level
GRADE(S): Artisan Handcrafted
MANUFACTURE TYPE(S): Non fermented, Traditional hand tied, Small batch crafted
INFUSION: Light pale yellow
China, Yunnan Province
Green tea

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