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French Walnut Oil

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This oil is an ode to a tradition held for over 150 years by the French. To create the French Walnut oil, first, the nuts are slowly roasted to give it a lightly toasted taste, then they are crushed to release their essence. 

This is one oil with a myriad of uses. You can splash it over vegetables, steamed, sauteed, or raw; use in making utterly delectable sauces or use when marinating meat, poultry, or fish.

Having a salad? Add a drizzle of this oil as dressing to bring the flavor level as high as it can get. Our French Walnut Oil also comes in handy in making pastry. Try it with your cakes, pancakes, crepes, or in your pies and savor its toasted nutty taste.

Whatever you decide to use this oil for, we promise you that it would be an unforgettable experience. Bon appetit! 

Pairing Recommendation: Pairs excellently with our Red Apple or Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic Vinegar.


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