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Lavender Dark Balsamic

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If the intense flavor isn't so much your thing, then this aromatic balsamic is just what you need. Floral, sweet, and slightly herbaceous, this balsamic captures the essence of this ancient flower. 

The aroma of Lavender Dark Balsamic is like basking in a field of lavender blossoms, strong and distinct. The delicate herb flavor of this balsamic makes it a perfect complement to chicken, potatoes, and green vegetables.

If you're looking for flavor as well as aroma, we recommend a great pairing. Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic with Lavender Dark Balsamic pulls you in for an aromatic, pleasant taste. Are you thinking what we're thinking? This combo will make for excellent flavors in desserts and treats!

Hang on, we have other interesting pairings; Garlic olive oil plus this vinegar gives you yummy lavender honey chicken. Many chefs also recommend pairing with Herbs De Provence Olive Oil or Persian Lime Olive Oil for your frying or grilling.


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