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Vanilla Dark Balsamic

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Vanilla; the people's favorite. No? We can prove it!

What's a good movie without a tub of vanilla ice cream? What's a great cup of coffee without vanilla whipped cream on top? What's your favorite dish without Vanilla Dark Balsamic? We'll let you be the judge of that. 

The not-so-holy matrimony of the sultry, fragrant Tahitian vanilla beans to our aged balsamic condimento resulted in this intoxicatingly exotic flavoring. On the lips, you get a velvety, smooth, sophisticated taste that you just want to try with other food combos. 

If you ask us our favorite Vanilla Dak Balsamic combos, here's what we'll tell you: Blood Orange Olive Oil, Roasted Almond Oil, or Persian Lime Olive Oil. Try with fresh strawberries or drizzled over a warm brownie. Enjoy cold winter nights with a cup of hot chocolate and Vanilla Dark Balsamic splashes for a homey vanilla feel. 

The best part of this vanilla-delight is the health it brings to your body, seeing as all our ingredients are naturally sourced and artificial-free. 


1 Review

Joanne Walker Sep 15th 2022

What are the ingredients please

We are plant based whole food and was wondering what ingredients?

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