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Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic

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This chocolate-flavored balsamic has a taste so dark yet so rich and possessive. If you're looking for vinegar that owns the meal, this is the one. With its combination of three different chocolates, the flavor resounds boldly and assuredly; there's no missing it!

Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic takes its base from cacao seeds that have been toasted and ground to produce the velvety nectar that blesses your meals. The taste is so distinct that it needs no introduction, so luxurious that your meals exceed expectations.

This balsamic can be the number one ingredient in decadent party treats for children and still remain numero uno for yummy and redolent desserts for every adult. To add a dash of elegance to your fruit helpings, drizzle some Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic onto your sliced fruits.

Don't miss out on this flavoring in your fancy dark chocolate truffles or as a stir-in for Chili. If you like, take your martini game to a whole new level when you add a few drops!


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