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Champagne Dark Balsamic

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This is a complex and rich balsamic vinegar, aged and inspired by the streets of Italy. This vinegar has the depth of Solera Aged Dark balsamic Vinegar from Modena, which is blended with sparkling white French Champagne vinegar. Its acidic levels go as high as 6% to add an extra tangy dark taste to your sauces and marinades. 

This vinegar adds a sophisticated touch to whatever you're cooking since it's tart, yet the crispy-clean taste is champagne-based. The taste of the balsamic condiment is not extremely distinct, just a little bit mellow. Our pro tip is to pair this olive oil with an amazing strong flavor like Blood Orange Olive Oil. 

Raise a glass to the delicious meals that Champagne Dark Balsamic makes the best of. Yummy glaze for a rack of lamb, vegetable marinades, portobello mushrooms marinade, and sprinkled on decadent fresh fruit. Champagne Dark Balsamic is that sure side-kick you can count on always!

Modena, Italy

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