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Raspberry Dark Balsamic

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This balsamic vinegar comes packed with a flavorful, distinctly sweet taste of ripe and juicy raspberries plucked fresh. This naturally flavored balsamic condimento has aged gracefully in the traditional Solera Method and comes from Modena, Italy.

It's a fine blend of vibrant sweetness and a tartness from its dark, dark balsamic base.  Enjoy Raspberry Dark Balsamic when you toss a few drops with mixed salad greens and a little Feta cheese. Paired with one of our flavored oils, suddenly, your meals taste like they're from the kitchen of your favorite chef. 

We'll hint you at some of our favorite pairings; thank us later. Herbs de Provence Olive Oil plus this vinegar is absolutely delightful. 

Mixed into your marinade or used as a glaze for pork or chicken, you'll never want to try anything else. This vinegar is not called Desserts favorite for nothing; drizzle this syrupy sweetness on your vanilla ice cream, and we'd totally understand if it becomes your guilty pleasure!


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