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CUP CHARACTERISTICS:  Elemental earthly notes with a strong cup.
INGREDIENTS: Black tea (Pu-Erh style)
REGION(S):  Yunnan Province
GROWING ALTITUDES:  1500 - 4900 feet above sea level
GRADE(S):  Compressed OP (Orange Pekoe)
MANUFACTURE TYPE(S):  Special pu-erh process, Hand crafted
Once the tea is compressed, it is aged two years. This process gives the tea a wonderfully earthy, or elemental profile with underlying musty notes. As well, the leaves of the tea, once broken off the cake can be brewed a number of times - with each brewing, the flavor of the cup shifts and changes in incredibly subtle ways. So go ahead, brew yourself a pot, make a wish, and see how this one affects your sales totals!

Where was black Pu-erh developed? Good question. While the exact origins of most Chinese Pu-erh teas have been lost to the mists of time and place, the origin of black Pu-erh can be pinpointed directly to the Kunming Tea Factory in the year 1972. In that year, the government of China, seeking to broaden its economic base, mandated that the Kunming factory develop a new, delicious tea that could be widely marketed. Drawing on centuries of experience, the tea masters of Kunming determined that a black Pu-erh was the ticket. (They were right, to this day black Pu-erh is the world's top selling variety.) 

What makes black Pu-erh tea different from other black teas? Great question. The answer is real fermentation and aging. Black Pu-erh undergoes a fermentation process in which the tea is processed and stored for a set period of time without being dried completely. The tea is usually either buried in the ground, stored in caves or under damp heavy tarps. Fermenting over time imparts the earthy character typical of most Pu-erh teas.


Yunnan Province
Black tea (Pu-Erh style)

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