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Pu-erh Chocolate-Orange

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Cup Characteristics: Flavorful chocolate and sweet orange bring a confectionary note to the delicate naturalness of Pu-Erh.

Ingredients: Pu-Erh Tea, Orange, Cocoa Nibs, Natural Chocolate Flavor, Blue Cornflowers & Natural Orange Flavor

Description: Pu'erh tea, from the Southern Yunnan Province, has two variants—sheng and shou. While sheng is raw and green, shou is ripe and cooked. Like a fine wine, the Pu-erh tea appreciates with age when stored properly. For this reason, Pu-erh lovers had to wait for long decades to get the best flavors from this tea. But as demand grew, shou, the ripe variety was introduced to speed up its aging process. 

Delicately fermented, the tea leaves are piled up in warm bundles to make the smooth, black tea with vibrant citrus flavors and warm chocolate hints. The blue cornflowers give it its sweet subtleness and fairly neutral spice. The Pu-erh chocolate-orange tea is a confectionery-styled tea treat that you'd love to savor every day. You'd also love this tea for its health benefits. Its dark infusion brings an earthy tone to it. Fully oxidized, we are sure you can't wait to have a taste of its chocolatey essence.

Yunnan Province
Black Tea (Pu-erh style).

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