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Embrace the refined essence of traditional Japanese tea culture with our Asamushi Sencha Green Tea. This exquisitely crafted loose-leaf tea is a paragon of artisanal mastery, revealing a symphony of flavors and aromas in each steeping.

Asamushi Sencha, known also as 'light-steamed Sencha', is delicately steamed for a shorter duration than other varieties, a process which preserves the leaves' vibrant green color and subtly sweet, grassy notes. This unique steaming technique not only imparts an invigorating freshness, but also allows the naturally occurring theanine to shine through, contributing to the tea's delightful umami flavor profile.

Upon steeping, Asamushi Sencha unveils a golden-green infusion that captivates the senses. The aroma is softly sweet, evoking fresh spring mornings, with whispers of marine and vegetal undertones. On the palate, the tea is complex yet harmonious, balancing a mellow sweetness with a slightly astringent, refreshing finish. The nuanced flavor journey concludes with a pleasant, lingering aftertaste that hints at the ocean and the fertile soils from which this tea originates.

Our Asamushi Sencha is sourced from carefully chosen tea estates in Japan, where the leaves are hand-picked in early spring to ensure optimum flavor and quality. This meticulous harvesting process gives Asamushi Sencha its distinctive, slender shape, contributing to its signature quick infusion and delicate taste.

Enjoy the ultimate Sencha experience with our Asamushi Sencha Green Tea, whether you are a seasoned tea enthusiast seeking new heights or a newcomer eager to discover the joys of premium Japanese green tea. Its subtle complexity and refreshing taste make it an ideal companion for your daily moments of relaxation or mindful tea ceremonies.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Asamushi Sencha, and let this light-steamed marvel transport you to the serene tea gardens of Japan with each sip.

Kagoshima Prefecture 350m elevation
Green tea

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