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Black Currant Dark Balsamic

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Explore the delight of naturally-flavored vinegar dressing come to life with fruity bursts of ever-fresh and juicy black currant. Think of a healthy balsamic condimento so dark and tangy that it has aged finely over decades. That is what Black Currant Dark Balsamic gives your taste buds. 

Black Currant Dark Balsamic brings a delectable difference to your meals with distinct tastes of tangy and sour sweetness. The Dark Balsamic in this mix is all you need to make your salad pop because it already makes a rich and unique vinegar base. Combining it with a Black Currant Flavor just puts the cherry on the cake.

For better-tasting meals, sauté your beef, pork, or chicken in a dash of this liquid for a beautiful glazed look and an exquisite taste. Black Currant Dark Balsamic is excellent with other types of delicacies. It pairs so well with many types of meals, this vinegar easily becomes your favorite go-to meal dressing.


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