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Eureka Lemon Olive Oil

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We're sure you'll be screaming, 'Eureka!' or at least mutter it under your breath as you close your eyes and savor the breezy taste of our Eureka Lemon Olive Oil.

This oil is sure to give your imagination wings and lift you to a realm where you can smell the freshness of the orchard as ripe lemons are plucked from lemon trees. 

Our Eureka Lemon Olive Oil is produced by fusing fresh lemons together with late harvest olives. When they are crushed, they give off the most amazing scent and fill the air with promises of delight to the palates.

Give yourself a treat. Our Eureka Lemon Olive Oil is perfect to sautè seafood, coat chicken, or drizzle on salads and pasta.

Let's let you in on a secret. When next you pour yourself a glass of vodka, splash in a few drops of our Eureka Lemon Olive Oil, and sip. Your taste buds are about to have fun!

Pairing Recommendation: Pairs well with Estero Bay Espresso Balsamic.


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