Red Cayenne Chili Olive Oil

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A tale of spicy hellos. This extremely spicy and peppery olive oil is made in Tunisia by crushing fresh ripe cayenne chilies together with early-harvest Organic, extra virgin olive oil. The essential oil of the red Cayenne chili is then infused into our premium quality olive oil to produce this spicy oil.

Our Cayenne Chili Oil has a fragrant yet spicy flavor that it brings in to improve the taste of your meals. 

You can use it for any typical North African meal; salsa, couscous, roasted lamb, etc. You could also use it for your regular meals; drizzle on salad, use as a dip, drizzle on breadcrumbs, seafood, beef, or poultry.

Unless you're ready to cross the border into extreme heat territory, you should only dab a little on your meals.

And if you're daring, you could use it in larger quantities than stated here. Welcome to the spicy side of life! Enjoy your meal!


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