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Tuscan Herb Olive Oil

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Close your eyes. Imagine a vacation to Tuscany. Catch a whiff of the many flavorful spices. Revel in the delightful calmness the flavors bring. That's the effect of our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil.

This deliciously savory oil contains a blend of several spices. Flat-leaf parsley, basil, rosemary, sun-dried tomatoes, marjoram, garlic, and basil all fuse with premium quality extra virgin olive oil. The result is certainly a taste that will leave your palates singing.

Tuscan Herb Olive oil is the perfect complement for all your meals. You can drizzle it over pasta, potatoes, salad, or even bread. When you're craving seafood, you can picture yourself on the seaside with the scent of freshly cooked and seasoned seafood surrounding you. 

Your sauteed vegetables do not have to be boring. This herb olive oil will bring a world of flavors that will transform it from mere sauteed vegetables into an adventure.

Grab a bottle of our Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, head into the kitchen, and make Tuscan magic!


1 Review

Jamie Jan 25th 2023


just amazing!

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