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18yr Traditional Dark Balsamic

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 Try this in our Penne Pasta with Balsamic Glaze recipe. 

The taste of tradition. Dark Balsamic Vinegar is the world's most commonly used vinegar. It has been in use since the middle ages.

The dark balsamic used to create this 18 -year vinegar was aged for 18 years, in barrels of successively smaller sizes. Its delectable flavor comes from being caramelized over an open wood fire. 

As it is stored in old wood barrels, our Dark Balsamic has a burst of wooden, earthy flavors. The barrels are made from different woods, chestnut, oak, juniper, cherry, mulberry, ash, etc. All of these give the vinegar its earthy character. The result is a vinegar that tastes exciting and exhilarating!

Every bottle is made with 55% grape must, giving it a full-bodied sweetness with undertones of tartness. 

To fully enjoy our 18 Year Traditional Dark Balsamic, use it to create vinaigrettes for your salads or for sauteed vegetables. You could also use it to add flavor to sauces or just even to create a dip. It pairs excellently with any of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


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